One of my favorite gifts was when my mother bought us a video camera, well it wasn’t mine but i was the one using it most of the time at only 12 years old, now days i don’t do as much recording on my own but i surely love editing, and doing special effects, High Definition Video animations, oh yeah even those white boards that people seem to love so much now ;).

Web/UX Design

I Design my first website when i was 11 years old, ok at the time it was about DragonBall and Pokemon but i know that Innovative design, intuitive interaction and clear brand identity will not only keep visitors engaged, but it will keep them coming back to your website.

Graphic Design

I been a graphic designer well pretty much my whole life from early as 6 years old i was already designing Christmas Card for the whole family, but In today’s time, I can not only do christmas cards =) but I can create designs that reflect your business goals perfectly, strengthen your brand and showcase your product in the best possible light.

And I can Print it!

With so many years in the market, I’ve met leaders on the industry and i made friends, partnerships and now my partners can offer the best quality with the best prices on both offset and digital printing along with custom-sized printing, silk coating, foil stamping, embossed and spot uv. If you can name it we can print it