Hi There My Name Is Gustavo Cruz, Im originally from Brazil, but i been living in the US and A (Borat voice) for over 15 years, I’ve lived in the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and im currently living in Big ol Texas since the end of August 2015 . I’m a passionate being, and i try to see the good on all things, life is a gift and we should enjoy it,

“If it was for you to figure everything out today, what would’ve be the point of tomorrow”

I’ve being a Designer since i can remember walking, Literally i started designing christmas card at the age of 6 i coded my first website when i was 11, and it was around the age of 12 when i showed my parents a video where i stabbed my neighbor with a knife… Relax, people it was me trying special effects for the first time, nothing happened it was just a mix of camera angles and a tube of tomato sauce, well my mom also didn’t take it so well and hid the camera from me =(   since than i haven’t really made any recording but i did get into video editing which is another services i could help you with.



Im a full time tech geek, proudly owner of an Alexa (AmazonEcho), and in the works of building my very own Tony Stark Home



Music runs into my vein, i won’t draw a pixel without, and my guitar is how i make it my own



Fill the stereotypes I’m from Brazil therefore i love soccer, I truly do, well i love My Team Clube Atletico Mineiro AKA Galo